Located in the region where the continental Appalachians end, in the Baie des Chaleurs in Gaspé Peninsula. This bay is protected from the winds and enjoys a favourable climate for maple growing. Long, very cold winters, combined with late springs when days are warm and nights are cold, guarantee a production of the highest quality.

This centuries-old sugarwood, located less than 5 km from the sea, is swept by the salty air of the Gulf of St. Lawrence / Atlantic Ocean, which brings a subtle saltiness to the syrups produced by Érablière Escuminac. The soil is composed of sedimentary deposits dating from the Upper Devonian period. The Sea of Champlain originally covered this part of Quebec, and in its depths were formed limestone sediments full of shells and fossils. This unique terroir is one of the most important sites in the world for fossil fish. The Escuminac Formation is renowned throughout the world by palaeontologists who specialise in the Devonian.

The Érablière Escuminac is indeed the “meeting place” of man and nature in the Native American Micmac language.