Crispy Suckling Pig Belly glazed with Maple Syrup

Created by Martin Juneau


(Serves 4)

SUCKLING PIG BELLY – Fleur de sel, black peppercorns, thyme, garlic and a suckling pig belly, allow 150g per person
TO COOK THE SUCKLING PIG – 2kg of duck fat
TO FINISH – 5cl “Main Harvest” Maple Syrup


10 mins. – Cooking time 10 min.

/01. MARINADE THE SUCKLING PIG BELLY – In the salt, black pepper, thyme and chopped garlic for 12 hours

/02. RINSE AND COOK – At a very low temperature in the fat for 4 hours

/03. BONE – Once cooked, remove the cartilage and bones, then chill in the refrigerator, flat, skin side down.

/04. CUT INTO PORTIONS – When well chilled, cut into portions.

/05. TO SERVE – Place the portions in a cast-iron pan, skin side down, and crisp on a low heat for twenty minutes

/06. GLAZE – When they are nice and crispy, add the “Main Harvest” Maple Syrup to the pan and glaze well. Goes well with mushy beans with bacon or bitter salads.

 *Paris PopUp #18 – Cabane à sucre Paris 2015