Foie Gras Steamed over Maple Shavings

Created by Jérôme Ferrer


(Serves 4 - 6)

4 - 6 large river pebbles*
500ml water
60ml maple syrup
60ml maple vinegar
500ml maple wood shavings
4 - 6 escalopes of top quality foie gras
Ground pepper
210g sugar
80g butter
250ml maple wine or iced cider “NEIGE”.
Fleur de sel


*Pebbles are available in garden centres and some massage institutions.



/01. PEBBLES – Heat the pebbles in the oven to 200 °C for 1 hour.

/02. MAPLE WOOD – In a pan, pour the water, maple syrup and maple vinegar. Bring to the boil at a high heat. Remove the pan from the heat and add the maple wood shavings. Leave to rest.

/03. ESCALOPE DE FOIE GRAS – Meanwhile, in a large frying pan, on a medium-high heat, dry-sear the escalopes de foie gras for 1 or 2 minutes on each side. If necessary, split the escalopes into two lots so that the pan is not too crowded. Salt and pepper them. Place each escalope on a rectangle of greaseproof paper (baking parchment).

/04. MAPLE WOOD SMOKER – In a skillet or large pan, pour the maple wood preparation, place the escalopes de foie gras, in their paper, into the mix. Cover and stew, at a low heat for, 2 or 3 minutes.

/05. SAUCE – In a pan, on a medium heat, heat the sugar, stirring until it colours. Stir in the butter with a wooden spoon. Pour all the wine or cider in at once to make a runny caramel.

/06. PRESENTATION & TO FINISH – Place a hot pebble into a large bowl and place on each an escalope de foie gras. Top each escalope with 1 or 2 soupspoons of hot or warm caramel. Let the caramel set for 1 minute, garnish with fleur de sel and serve.