Pan-fried Wild Mushrooms in Birch Syrup


- 10gr finely chopped shallot

- 50gr wild mushrooms

- 50ml white wine

- 150ml veal stock

- 15ml birch syrup

- Salt and pepper



/01. Lightly fry the shallot without colouring in a knob of butter.

/02. Add the mushrooms and sweat them.

/03. Deglaze the pan with white wine and reduce by half.

/04. Add the veal stock, and stew gently.

/05. Reduce the stock by about half.

/06. Add the birch syrup to finish the sauce.

/07. Cook for another 2 minutes.

/08. Add salt and pepper and check the seasoning.


Can be used as an accompaniment for veal medallions, beef, venison along with sautéed pink fir apple potatoes with shallots and cherry tomatoes.