How to store maple syrup?
A can or bottle of maple syrup, as long as it is sealed and maintained at an adequate temperature, can be preserved for a very long period or even several years. It can be kept at room temperature, just like any other can. However, once opened, it is strongly recommended to transfer maple syrup to a plastic or glass container and store in the refrigerator to slow down the evaporation effect. The freezer is ideal for long storage periods. (6 months to one year easily) This is because maple syrup is defined by its sugar density, 66 degrees Brix. At 66 degrees Brix, the maple syrup is saturated with sugar and if, for one reason or another, the water evaporates, the sugar density increases. In fact, as soon as a can of maple syrup is opened, the evaporation process starts automatically, increasing the concentration of sugar and causing the excess sugar to crystallize. It should be noted that the light-colored syrup harvested at the beginning of the season is more likely to crystallize because of its high concentration of sucrose. The slightly darker syrup, on the other hand, contains more fructose. It is therefore less likely to crystallize because of its lower dissolving power. Sucrose is more sensitive to the variation effects of Brix degrees. The glass maple syrup bottle keeps at room temperature. It has the same conservation process as canning. However, it is not recommended to expose it to light. It is also not recommended to put the glass bottle in the freezer. As long as the can is sealed and maintained at an adequate temperature, it is not necessary to freeze the product. In the refrigerator, the product can be kept for a few months (from three to six months). However, the freezer is ideal for long storage periods (at least one year). In theory, maple syrup does not freeze, conditionally that it has a good Brix density (66%). * Brix degree is the weight in grams of dry matter contained in 100 grams of a solution in distilled water. * Source