What is birch syrup ?
A NECTAR PRODUCED IN VERY SMALL QUANTITIES, WHICH MUST UNDOUBTEDLY HAVE BEEN THE BALSAMIC VINEGAR OF THE NATIVE AMERICANS IN THE PAST! The birch (Yellow Birch), emblem of Quebec is a tree which is mainly found in mature, centuries-old Quebecois forests. Unique and rare, birch syrup is a natural syrup produced from the sap harvested in Spring. After a long, delicate process of concentration of the sugars with heat, it takes 160 litres birch sap to produce a single litre of birch syrup. Rare and sought-after, birch syrup (bouleau jaune / yellow birch) is never to be confused with birch syrup (bouleau blanc / white birch), a more common and much less complex syrup. The white birch and the yellow birch are two quite different trees.   Confusion between white birch syrup and yellow birch syrup obviously comes from the names of the trees. In Quebec, the yellow birch is also known as the “merisier”. In the forest, the two trees do not look alike. The yellow birch is a big tree which is mainly found in mature, centuries-old forests, while the white birch mainly grows in transitional forests. The bark of the white birch is white, as the name suggests, while that of the yellow birch is golden and changes over the years. On the young tree the bark is smooth, becoming rougher and darker as it ages. It is also said to have many properties and virtues as a result of its beneficial elements: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins. This syrup is a pure nectar, and very fashionable in the kitchens of the great chefs, where birch syrup (yellow birch) stands out because of its unique and delicious taste and its versatility. It can be used instead of very aged balsamic vinegar. A perfect balance of acidity and sugar, it is embracing, rich and unctuous. It can be used in any dish, from starter to dessert via the main course, side-dishes, and even cocktails. With its strong flavour, a little is enough to set off an intense explosion of flavours, which makes this an accessible and rare luxury product. YIELD: 1 litre of birch syrup = 160 litres of birch sap - Érablière Escuminac is one of the only producers of organic birch syrup in Canada.